How to Get a Free Laptop with EBT Card and Food Stamps

How to Get a Free Laptop with EBT Card and Food Stamps

How to Get a Free Laptop with EBT Card and Food Stamps. Getting a free laptop with your EBT card is an opportunity that many individuals may need to be made aware of.

The process is simpler than you might think and we are here to guide you through it. In this comprehensive guide we will not only cover the steps to acquire a free laptop but also provide you with valuable insights into various organizations that offer this service.


Imagine accessing a free laptop with your EBT card or food stamps. This not only opens doors to education and employment opportunities but also improves connectivity communication and overall quality of life.

In this guide we will show you the path to acquiring a free laptop. We will provide essential information about eligibility criteria required documents the application process and even how to get free internet with your laptop.

Top 5 Organizations that Offer Free Laptops with EBT

Several organizations are dedicated to helping individuals like you obtain free laptops. Here are the top five organizations that can make this a reality:

Computer with Cause:

  • This organization carefully assesses the needs of applicants.
  • You must demonstrate your food stamp assistance on the Free Government Laptops Application Form.
  • After a successful application a laptop will be provided to you.

Everyone On:

  • Everyone On collaborates with internet service and laptop providers to offer affordable options.
  • Follow the steps outlined in our “Everyone On Free Laptop guide” for assistance.

National Cristina Foundation:

  • A private organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide.
  • Their mission is to make technology accessible to everyone.

Human IT:

  • A nonprofit organization providing technological gadgets including laptops.
  • They offer fast internet services and free laptops to food stamp beneficiaries.

PCs for People:

  • A nonprofit organization providing laptops with highspeed internet.
  • Eligibility is based on income and you must be a food stamp beneficiary.
Free Laptop with EBT

How to Get a Free Laptop with EBT (Food Stamps)

Acquiring a free laptop with your EBT card is an opportunity that can change your life. Follow these steps to get started:

Check with Your Local Department of Social Services:

  • Look for local programs that provide free laptops or other assistance to food stamp recipients.

Explore NonProfit Organizations:

  • Many charitable organizations may offer free laptops to lowincome individuals. Check for programs designed specifically for food stamp recipients.

Contact Your Educational Institution:

  • Schools or educational institutions may have programs to help students in need access to laptops. They may offer loaner laptops or other resources to support your educational journey.

Utilize Local Libraries and Community Resources:

  • Some local libraries or community organizations may offer free internet access and computers for public use. This can be a valuable resource if you need to get your laptop.


  • If you’re homeschooling your child explore options for obtaining a free laptop for homeschooling purposes.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Laptop with EBT

Understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial for obtaining a free laptop with your EBT card. Here are the key points:

Eligibility Based on Income:

  • The income criteria vary depending on your marital status. For unmarried individuals the income should be less than $99000 and for couples less than $198000.
  • Your income should be below 135% of the federal poverty guideline.

Eligibility Based on Being a Beneficiary:

  • To be eligible for a free laptop with the food stamps program you must already be a beneficiary.
  • The food stamp program now known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is designed to assist individuals with limited financial resources.

Eligibility Based on Pell Grant:

  • Suppose you or your family has received the federal Pell Grant during the ongoing year. In that case you may be eligible for this program.

Eligibility Based on Lunch Program:

  • Eligibility may also extend to those entitled to the subsidized school lunch or breakfast program.

Why Do Organizations Require Food Stamp Entitlement?

Food stamp entitlement serves as proof of low income status streamlining the process for organizations. With food stamp entitlement there’s no need for further investigations to determine income eligibility.

List of Required Documents for Free Laptop with EBT

To obtain a free laptop with your food stamps you will need the following documents:

  • A valid photo ID
  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of your current mailing address
  • National identity card
  • Documentation showing your enrollment in the food stamp program
  • A list of addresses of relevant organizations

Application Process

The application process is critical for your success. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of receiving a free laptop:

Check Your Eligibility:

  • Verify your eligibility for the Emergency Broadband Benefit program. Visit the national website to check your status.

Find an EBB Program Provider:

  • Search for EBB program providers near you as they will be your source for benefiting from this program.

Seek Assistance:

  • Request guidance from your chosen provider on how to apply for a free laptop.

Complete the Application:

  • Visit the online application website and provide the required information. Be prepared to submit documentation and proof of food stamp entitlement.

Follow Provider Instructions:

  • Once your application is approved your provider will guide you through the remaining steps to receive your new laptop.

Application Fees for Free Laptop with EBT

No application fees are required. Visit your local food stamp office and express your need for a laptop and they will facilitate the process at no cost.

What to Do if You Get Rejected for the Free Laptop?

If your application is accepted keep hope. You can take these steps to rectify the situation:

  • Contact your service provider for assistance.
  • Gather any missing information or documentation.
  • Reapply within the given timeframe.

Free Internet for Laptops with Food Stamps

In addition to free laptops the government and partner organizations also offer free or highly affordable highspeed internet services to lowincome individuals especially those who receive food stamps.

Organizations Providing Free Internet for Laptops with Food Stamps

Here are some organizations that provide free internet services to individuals receiving food stamps:

Lifeline Broadband Program:

  • This government program offers affordable highspeed internet and voice minutes to lowincome individuals who are beneficiaries of the food stamp or school lunch program.

Net Link:

  • Net Link also provides highspeed internet services at an affordable rate for food stamp recipients.

Cox Connect2compete:

  • Cox Connect2compete offers accessible internet services to lowincome individuals. Visit their website to explore this program.
Free Laptop with EBT

FAQs on Free Laptop with EBT & Food Stamps

Here are some commonly asked questions about obtaining a free laptop with EBT and food stamps:

Can I Get Free Internet for My Free Laptop with Food Stamps in 2023?

Yes organizations like Cox Connect2compete Net Link and the Lifeline Broadband Program can provide free internet for your laptop in 2023.

Benefits of Obtaining a Free Laptop with Food Stamps

Receiving a free laptop with your EBT card offers numerous benefits including:

  • Improved access to education and employment opportunities.
  • Increased connectivity and communication.
  • Enhanced quality of life.
  • Cost savings.
  • Environmental benefits through reduced electronic waste.


In conclusion obtaining a free laptop with your EBT card or food stamps is a valuable opportunity to enhance your life significantly. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents you can apply for a food stamps program and gain eligibility for free laptops.

Various EBB program providers are ready to assist you in acquiring your new and free laptop.


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